The Week: 20th – 26th April

Sunset Gowrie Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 20th April 2015 sonya Heaney.

Monday’s Canberra sunset.

Well, this was not the best few days.

Someone I grew up with was murdered this week, which was the most awful, surreal thing. Because it was such a dramatic thing, and her murderer’s attempted escape captured on camera, it made national headlines. The flippant way the media is discussing her is disgusting. It has disgusted me in the past with other victims, the way they attach catchphrases to their stories instead of treating the people as human beings, and it’s doubly disgusting to me now.

Anzac Day 25th April 2015 Christopher Heaney Australian War Memorial Canberra

Yesterday was Anzac Day and a hundred years since the Gallipoli landings that set it all off. It’s Australia and New Zealand’s biggest military commemoration. We dragged my father to the Australian War Memorial here in Canberra. A lot of war veterans allow their military pasts to take over their lives, but my father is the opposite and always plays it down.

More than a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, US soldiers are welcomed in the country as they come to help Ukrainians. 19th April 2015

There is very little in the way of good news coming from Ukraine, but pictures are starting to emerge of US soldiers in the country. It’s better than nothing. It’s a start…

With Putin’s planned Victory Day attacks in Ukraine only days away, Russia is intensifying its internet spamming and harassment in a way they haven’t since they invaded Crimea more than a year ago. I’m being targeted again, which was something I thought was over and done with. Apparently not.

Here I am being attacked by yet another Serbian/Russian propagandist on my personal Instagram account yesterday afternoon.

attacked by a russian serb april 20152

(“Novorossia” is what the Russians are calling the parts of Ukraine they’ve invaded – saying it’s a new country that isn’t Ukraine!)

Every morning when I wake up, I know I’ll have an inbox full of abuse like this. I have written multiple posts on this blog trying to explain why the romance writing community’s relentless romanticisation of Russia upsets me.

Imagine having dozens of Russian propagandists attack you on your personal accounts Every Day

Cover Love

Ravishing in Red by Madeline Hunter German Cover

Some Advice for Authors

Customers in the Book Department at Selfridge's department store in London during 1942.

Outlander 1×11

– or the episode where they conveniently had a witch trial years after Scotland stopped trying and burning witches.

Outlander 1x11 Claire and Jamie Sonya Heaney

My review of Running Fire by Lindsay McKenna

Running Fire by Lindsay McKenna

My review of A Stranger’s Secret by Laurie Alice Eakes

A Stranger's Secret by Laurie Alice Eakes

My review of Craving Her Enemy’s Touch by Rachael Thomas

Craving Her Enemy's Touch by Rachael Thomas

My review of Since Drew by J. Nathan

Since Drew by J. Nathan

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