Untamed by Pamela Clare

Untamed by Pamela Clare

In the breathtaking tradition of The Last of the Mohicans…

MacKinnon’s Rangers

They were a band of brothers, their loyalty to one another forged by hardship and battle, the bond between these Highland warriors, rugged colonials, and fierce Native Americans stronger even than blood ties.

Though forced to fight for the hated British, Morgan MacKinnon would no more betray the men he leads than slit his own throat—not even when he was captured by the French and threatened with an agonising death by fire at the hands of their Abenaki allies. Only the look of innocent longing in the eyes of a convent-bred French lass could make him question his vow to escape and return to the Rangers. And soon the sweet passion he awoke in Amalie had him cursing the war that forced him to choose between upholding his honor and pledging himself to the woman he loves.

Untamed by Pamela Clare

The number of times they talked about chest hair and stubble in this book, they could have given the cover model some bloody chest hair and stubble!

Pamela Clare can literally do no wrong with her historical romances. So much more than just the relationship, she includes a staggering amount of Georgian era history and culture, drops in little details that make the story so much richer, and manages to capture a mindset that is historically accurate.

I cannot choose a favourite from her books, but Untamed is definitely a five star read for me. A Scottish immigrant who has been raised alongside American Indians, whose loyalties are not with Britain, though he has no choice but to fight for them. A young woman of mixed French and Native origin, who he has to betray, even as he’s forced to marry her.

So much action and adventure. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is like The Last of the Mohicans (the movie) in book form. It’s addictive.

The problem with books you love is that it’s hard to know what to say. The action and danger runs from start to finish, and you never know quite what might happen next. The relationship at the heart of the story is fantastic and full of angst.

I love that the author is able to bring the past to her characters’ lives, but yet we can still relate to them. People who take their religion seriously, following it the way you would expect of characters of their time (I’m not an overly religious person, but it’s thrilling to see people acting period-appropriate). People who think of the future and know they’re realistically going to have a houseful of children, and that they don’t drag modern sensibilities into it.

But most of all it’s the way the author can construct such great adventures where every page is gripping and the pace never drags. It’s obvious why she was encouraged to write contemporary romantic suspense: she has a talent very few writers possess.

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