Where’d the Outlander recaps go?

 Outlander 2014

From reading a few discussion forums, I see I’m not the only one who thinks the Outlander television adaptation has lost its way. Even some of the hardcore fans (and Outlander has followers that make Twilight fans look sane!) are starting to grumble a bit. A far cry from a few months ago when you’d have to lock your doors and call the police if you dared to insult anything about it!

I’ve been trying to work up the motivation to review the past few episodes, and I haven’t been able to…

Somewhere along the way the Jamie/Claire connection – the entire point of the series! – fizzled and died. Apparently the show’s producers decided it was too girly, and so have focused on anything but that. I’m disappointed.

I’m thinking I’ll just do one big review at the end of the season. Anyone who has read the book knows some Big Stuff is coming up. However, with so much filler and feet-dragging in the past few episodes, I’m really concerned they’ve run out of time to give the big issues the time and respect they need.

I’m also lamenting how much better the show could have been if they’d cast a trained actress rather than a bland, inexperienced runway model to carry the show…

3 thoughts on “Where’d the Outlander recaps go?

    1. Argh! Sorry! I deleted my double-post and it seems I deleted your comment. 😦 I’m not sure what’s going on, but half my posts keep going up twice…

      I do feel bad for the Jenny actress. It seems they went for beauty (though I actually think the Jenny actress is very pretty) over acting talent. She is wasted in such a small role, and she suits Claire physically much more than the actress they went with.

      I think the first half of the season was better, but the producers have actually done press statements saying they’re going to back away from the Jamie/Claire relationship because they want to attract more men. There are two episodes left and they haven’t even started on Wentworth yet. I think they’ve gone mad if they think this is enough time for that much heavy story!

      I didn’t want to be this negative, but after I fell asleep during episode #13 I decided something had to be very wrong with the direction of the show.

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