The Week: 11th – 17th May

Funeral Sophia Jacyszyn Ukrainian Catholic Church 12th May 2015

Three priests and my father…

Phew, it’s a relief for this week to be over. Monday was spent at the funeral home and Tuesday was my grandmother’s funeral. Now we’re settling in for everything that comes after, but at least the stress and the very public aspect of farewelling someone are finished.

Very odd to have to figure out how life works after the loss of someone who was at the centre of it. What happens on weekends now, for example? Do you keep going to the same pub for drinks that you used to go to with her on Fridays (we actually DID go this Friday, but it wasn’t the same…)? How about Sunday dinners? The church that was important to her but I would never have attended otherwise?

I’ve been writing thank you letters for the funeral, and have discovered just how many different people were there. Baba used to work for the Department of Defence, and I see their names in the condolence book. I’m trying to track down the people from Defence (I cannot find addresses!) to thank them, but no luck so far. I’d love to know where you are. We’re all a bit humbled by how many people came to show their respect.

Even though it feels like an age since I read a book, it really has only been a couple of weeks. However, I’m easing myself back into it now. I deliberately put all of my review books aside the moment Baba went into hospital, because we knew it was the end and I didn’t want to unfairly review with that hanging over me, but I think I’ve been fair in the past few days, and yet still I haven’t loved the review books I started.

I’ve been rereading a bit. Outlander – which is reminding me just how much humour and warmth the television adaptation’s version is missing in recent episodes. And Pride and Prejudice – I’m just in the mood for it at the moment, and have also been re-watching the 1980 and 1995 adaptations. I’d love for someone brave enough to do an adaptation that is historically accurate come along and do a new version. It’s SO stagey (almost embarrassingly so), but I love the 1980 production more each time I watch it.

This week I also read Sabrina Jeffries’ upcoming book, which had her usual strong writing. However, I think I’m becoming a little tired of new historical romances set around only a few characters in a country house. I think I’m looking for more action and excitement at the moment. A little more plot and a little less lusting!

Random thoughts on the past fortnight.

Sophia Jacyszyn Funeral Brochure

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Outlander 2014

My issue with Pride and Prejudice 1995


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