A Mistress for Major Bartlett by Annie Burrows

A Mistress for Major Bartlett by Annie Burrows

His virgin mistress!

Major Tom Bartlett is shocked to discover the angel who nursed his battle wounds is darling of the ton Lady Sarah Latymor. One taste of her threatens both her impeccable reputation and his career!

An honorable man would ask for her hand, but Bartlett is considered an unrepentant rake by polite society; sweet Sarah would be spurned as his mistress and even as his wife. He demands she leave, but Sarah is just as determined to stay by his side—and in his bed!

Brides of Waterloo

Love forged on the battlefield

A Mistress for Major Bartlett by Annie Burrows

The fist line of this book’s blurb is horrid! And inappropriate for the story!

I liked the cover of this one, and have loved most of the historical romances produced by Harlequin/Mills and Boon (why more people don’t give them a chance I will never understand). So I was a little shocked when I started it and saw it had a couple of horrific early ratings.

Especially so as I enjoyed the opening chapters so much. Starting off a trilogy to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, this book goes into the sort of detail historical romances tend to gloss over and romanticise.

I suppose the reason opinion on this one is divided is because almost the entire book is set in one room. Normally I’d have had a real problem with this – there are some other authors who write lengthy scenes I lose patience with. However, it worked for me in this book most of the time. Annie Burrows must be a good writer to keep me turning the pages in something I might not have enjoyed by another author!

Because our heroine makes the snap decision to nurse the hero back to health alone, her reputation is essentially ruined from the outset, so some liberties with behaviour can be overlooked. I liked how the two fell in love.

I think by the very end things were drawn out just a bit too much. Too many scenes of the two agonising over why they couldn’t be together. I also got a little bit tired of the heroine’s insecurities, though I had to remind myself the timeframe of the story was quite short. However, I only found it dragging at the end, and then there was the happy resolution.

I like the idea of this series, and Louise Allen – a favourite of mine – is writing the next book, so I’m generally happy about this concept!

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