Does this kind of thing bother you?

It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas StepbackHard as You Can by Laura Kaye 2

Okay, so I get that romance fiction is supposed to be a little idealistic, but so often I catch myself reading something and worrying for the characters’ wellbeing.

I’m not talking about crazy stalker heroes or domestic abuse or any of those Big Issues here, but the more mundane stuff.

Like, how come heroines always have such soft skin and hair but they’re always in and out of the shower without using anything like moisturising cream or hair conditioner?

How come so many sexy-looking heroes and heroines eat so much and do no exercise?

How come so many rich heroes never seem to do any work?

How come heroes so often romance their heroines with a massive, multi-course meal, and she’s up for sex immediately afterwards? I’d want a day-long nap to digest after stuffing myself with a week’s worth of food!

And how come there are so many scenes where the couple is at a bar or a restaurant all evening and then goes home and falls directly into bed, has sex, sleeps, wakes up and does the sex stuff all over again… And yet they never need to make a trip to the bathroom? (Sorry! but I can’t help noticing this stuff!)

How come in so many books the heroine is on the run for ages, or staying somewhere with none of her personal stuff, and she still manages to look gorgeous and have long, flowing, shiny, soft hair and smooth legs even though you never hear about a hairbrush or razor?

This is why I can’t be a normal romance reader. I’m always worrying about the realistic stuff!


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