Rosie Rinkstar by Janet Rosina West

Rosie Rinkstar by Janet Rosina West

Rosie loves to skate: she thinks it, lives it, dreams it – accepts its challenges and turns to it for solace. However, having a bratty little sister who is rapidly becoming recognised as a talented gymnast, a mum who already has two jobs to make ends meet and a threat to her lifts to the ice rink, it looks as if Rosie’s skating days are numbered. Growing worries over her beloved Nan, the emergence of an unexpected enemy and a school project which takes on a mind of its own, all contribute to changing Rosie’s world forever and lead to the realisation of her most secret dream.

This captivating book follows the adventures of young skater Rosie as she chases her dreams of skating success. Combining sporting ambition with romance and real-life dramas, readers will love this charming and exciting adventure series. Compellingly written by a journalist and ‘skate mum’ whose daughter is a professional skater and skating coach, this is perfect for young skating enthusiasts and a great lesson in following your dreams!

Rosie Rinkstar by Janet Rosina West

I’m going to take a guess and say the target audience for this book is girls around twelve years of age. I wasn’t a skater growing up (though I share my name – first and last! – with the most successful Olympic figure skater in history!), but a ballet dancer. This is very much the sort of book I’d have loved at that age.

I do know some readers have had trouble with this one, firstly because it’s marketed as young adult, and secondly because of the writing style.

Firstly, while the main character might be an older teen, many books for younger readers (I suppose Americans call it ‘middle school/grade’ fiction?) feature heroines a little older. Someone to look up to.

Secondly, yes, the tone is very much conversational, the narrator telling us about her day in her own words. It might not be for everyone, but I think the author captured a younger voice pretty well. I do hope the criticisms I’ve seen of ‘errors’ in spelling and grammar aren’t because the book is written in British English…

I really do struggle to be objective with this one, because I grew up on books like this, loving to read about other girls who were dedicated to a very time-consuming activity. If you have a little skater, dancer of gymnast in the family, I don’t see why they wouldn’t enjoy this book.

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