The Week: 18th – 24th May

   End of Autumn Red Berries Garden Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 20th May 2015 Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney 2

Sunny, warm and lots of berries at the very end of autumn.

Busy week. After years of posting pictures online and having them shared all over sites like Pinterest, I’ve finally decided to do something with them (by “decided”, I mean a few days ago – at 5am – I had a light bulb moment!), and am now selling cards and key rings and phone covers and postcards etc. It has taken me DAYS to upload just a few things, but I hope to soon have all sorts of things for sale, on at least three different sites.

I figure that everyone is already sharing my pictures, so I might as well make a dollar or two out of them! That is more than I’ll actually make per product. The royalties the artist gets are so miniscule it’s hardly worth the effort!

At the moment, I have the basics of a Zazzle store up and running, with others to come… Some of my featured images:

Tulips at Floriade 7th October 2013 Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney Oksana HeaneySt Michael's Kyiv UkraineDSCN5541wpid-dscn0467DSCN3281

Writing personal, handwritten thank you letters after someone has died sounds great in theory. And then you actually have to sit down and write them, and it takes DAYS! Especially so when Ukrainians tend to go by a few different names in Ukrainian (Maria, Marusya, Marika, Mia – all the same person), and then an entirely different one in English (Jackie!) – plus a different married surname. Written in two different alphabets. Good luck tracking the people down!

We all keep going to pick up the phone to call Baba, and my aunt is travelling next week and I started to ask who was going to look after Baba. I’ve never before had this thing where you actually forget someone is gone. Robyn Carr dealt with this in a book a few years ago, and I thought it was unrealistic. I know better now! I also found out people from the shopping mall came to the funeral. Is there anyone who DIDN’T come?!

As for the rest of the busy week: Restaurant dinners, and a trip to the theatre to see the ballet Giselle (my favourite ballet, and the last one I ever danced – a romantic tragedy!). I worked with this company for years, and grew up with the senior dancers, so I’ll just say… (in romance terms!)… Hero = FANTASTIC. I fell in love with him. And that’s coming from someone who knew him as a skinny little kid, and joked about how he’d never be a romantic hero! Heroine = … I could use a lot of words, but they’re too mean to type, so… (as much as I like her as a person, she should never have been cast in this). Soloists = some great, some not so much. Corps de ballet = great. Production = emotionless and disappointing. Costumes = act one – horrific (WHY are the peasants dressed the same as the royals?!). Act two – FANTASTIC. That fabric had to cost a fortune.

The #1 thing you’re taught when dancing the romantic lead is to look into your partner’s eyes at every moment you possibly can. Look like you’re actually in love. I counted ONCE that the lead female dancer last night looked into her partner’s eyes. He was acting his heart out and she was in her own little world. And they should never have cast a dancer a decade younger than her as her mother!

I wish I had a ballet blog where I could discuss this in detail, because I found the entire production very problematic and a little bit upsetting, and I need to write an essay about it. However, I left the ballet world a few years ago and no longer have an audience for it!

You see (and I have a blog post about this coming soon)… growing up in the ballet world, you learn to be honest. God knows, I’ve been called everything under the sun since my first professional performance at age eight. I HATE being accused of being mean in romance reviewing when I’m just being honest. You’re selling something. Make it good.

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