No more Outlander for me…


I’m not reviewing the last few episodes of Outlander because I honesty cannot be bothered, and I also have a really big problem taking time to sit through any more graphic, gratuitous violence and gore – especially at the expense of Claire-Jamie character development.

Additionally, I have been watching Poldark, and everything that’s missing from the Outlander television adaptation is there in this other show. First and foremost, the wonderful, wonderful connection between the romantic leads, that is so, SO sorely missing from Outlander:

 Poldark 1x08

I’d rather stick with Poldark than Outlander, which has become a lesser show. Poldark doesn’t attract the horrendous, ridiculous, mean fangirl lunacy that’s going on in the Outlander fandom now, has better acting, a truly great heroine, and – yes – a more appealing leading man.

Some Outlander fan (some call the Gabaldon Army) attacks on professional reviewers in recent days (click to enlarge these):

Nasty Outlander Fans May 2015

Crazy Vicious Outlander Fans May 2015Untitled

Much of my dislike of what was done in the second half of season one has to do with attitudes. Attitudes from the book’s author, Diana Gabaldon, attitudes from the show’s producer, Ron Moore, and, sadly, attitudes from the vicious, obsessive fans who resort to personal attacks whenever the story is called out for historical inaccuracy, misogyny or bigotry.

You: [Reasoned, thoughtful contention implying that the thing they like is not perfect.]

Fan: Shut up.

It’s no fun talking to a zealot, but more and more, contemporary fandom is zealotry.

The final straw came when I read a few reviews of the final episode of the season. People who were unaware a story that started as a little love triangle would turn into two full episodes of torture and rape said they were no longer interested in watching the show, and the fangirls (sorry, but there’s no other term for them) responded:

Crazy Vicious Outlander Fans May 2015

Across the board, this vicious, vicious nastiness. This is like Twilight or Fifty Shades fans, but on a nastier level. And the sad thing is that – on every site (I’ve deleted names and profile pictures) – every single one of these comments was made by a middle-aged woman who should know better (not a twelve-year-old, as with Twilight).

Diana Gabaldon fosters a cult culture, and has done for a long time. She’s infamous for her short, superior, sometimes even cruel comments to her fans when they don’t fall into line with what she dictates. She has reimagined scenes from her twenty-four year old book by rewording and rebranding.

The wife-beating is downplayed and has become “the spanking scene”, as nobody was all that thrilled with it after bodice rippers went out of fashion. And in accordance with that, Gabaldon finds it justified to make all sorts of derogatory comments about both feminists and women under thirty-five (Google will prove this; I have no desire to read any of her comments again).

Outlander 1x09 The Reckoning Claire and Jamie Domestic Abuse Wife Beating 2 Sonya Heaney - Copy

Black Jack Randall’s homosexuality was rebranded as “equal-opportunity sadism” when it became no longer socially acceptable to demonise homosexuality the way the first book did.

Perhaps the most offensive thing was how in the lead-up to this final episode, Gabaldon has been publicly joking about rape.

Anybody who has any issues with this is called “stupid” (something Gabaldon has actually said about her own fans on her social media accounts – again, use Google), and so the fangirls follow suit and call naysayers “stupid” too.

Then there’s the whole other issue with the show’s producers deciding they need to up the rape and torture and deemphasise the relationships because the show is too “womanly”, and because – you know – women are such a minority in this world(!) the story must be “fixed” (blood and guts for the all-important men who might watch!) in order for it to be interesting.

So much for Outlander being a feminist show!

Generally, I’m now having trouble looking on Outlander – book, show or even people who support it – with anything other than annoyance. And so I won’t be continuing to watch whenever it is they get their act together and actually make a second season.

I know it has been two and half decades since this book came out, and fans have been waiting all that time and so are passionate about it, but the total, irrational viciousness of the people who are invested in this turns my stomach. Perhaps the author’s open dislike of women is bringing out the worst in the women who follow her and quote her like she’s a religious text.

Ladies: grow the hell up!! Outlander fans are the nastiest and most childish of any group of fans I’ve ever come across, and I’m ashamed that it’s grown women who make up that tribe.

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