It Started At Waterloo by Lynne Connolly

It Started At Waterloo by Lynne Connolly

Does she love him enough to let him go? After three straight days working beside surgeon Will Kennaway to treat the wounded of Waterloo, Amelia Hartwell collapses on the nearest bed to sleep. Surely she can be forgiven for not caring that the warm body sleeping next to hers is Will’s. Amelia’s status-hungry mother, however, couldn’t be more pleased to have an excuse to get the painfully shy, socially awkward Amelia married off, albeit to a less-than-ultra-rich husband. Will doesn’t keep his title a deep, dark secret. His little-known earldom simply affords him the financial freedom to focus solely on healing the sick. But now that he has a wife to think about—and to admire, thanks to her unstinting bravery at Waterloo—he reluctantly takes up the mantle of earl to do his duty. Missing her meaningful work as a nurse, Amelia finds herself floundering in society’s glaring spotlight, wondering if Will regrets being forced to marry. Perhaps it might even be better to give him his freedom, even if doing so will break her heart…

It Started At Waterloo by Lynne Connolly

Two things: WHY does this publisher always give the entire plot away in the blurb? And WHY are those cover models so weird-looking?


I was a little slow to discover Lynne Connolly, but now I have I race to read her books.

As many historical romance authors are doing at the moment, Connolly is releasing a book with the Battle of Waterloo at its centre. It is two hundred years since that iconic, important battle that changed the future of Europe, and it is at the heart of the Regency era.

Be warned, there’s more gore than you will usually get in historical romance, considering both lead characters are in the middle of the most gruesome medical issues of a major war. It really depends on the author if I can stomach it, but I can for this one.

This is a shorter book (novella?) so things move fairly fast. However, there was a big story packed in there and I liked it. Connolly does more with common themes than most authors.

I DO think this would have been really good as a full-length book, because there IS so much story to cover. It’s worthy of a longer book.

This is one author who gets the era – the behaviour and the attitudes – better than most, and she makes no apology for people behaving the way they should. Being British definitely helps with the language and attitudes.

Because of the rush to push through the story in a shorter word count, this probably isn’t the author’s best book. However, I’m also very glad I read it.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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