The Week: 8th – 14th June

Canberra from Queanbeyan Australia 3rd May 2015 Sonya Heaney Sky Clouds Sunset

A random shot of sunset over Canberra, taken from the other side of the state border.

This week involved lots of cleaning, lots of sorting, lots of working on designs in Photoshop, nowhere near enough reading… I did pick up Christy Reece’s debut novel for a reread.

Now I have my grandmother’s old embroidery and cross stitch books (the #1 aspect of Ukrainian culture!) I’m determined to relearn the skills, starting next week. I ordered myself a couple of beginners’ patterns from a craft shop to practice with. Not pretty Ukrainian designs, but I need to start somewhere!

Sunday is the “forty day” church service for my grandmother’s death. It’s something you do in Ukrainian culture; have a special service after that period of time.

In other Ukrainian news, Russia is back in force, shelling all over the country, and destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure. We are still going back to Ukraine in less than a year. We will unless Putin literally is bombing the entire country by then.

There was a big drama in the media in Australia this week, and I saw it made the news in other countries too. A fundamentalist Christian went on national television and announced he was divorcing his wife if gay marriage became legal.

The people you know… This man was in my brother’s class at school and his brother was in mine. We even sat at the same table during our school formal (graduation prom thingy). I don’t know how such different people can be turned out of the same school and same part of town!

Poldark Love


Randomly interesting…

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