12th November 2013 Canberra Sunset Australia Sonya Heaney

One totally random picture of a Canberra sunset!

For a couple of months now I’ve been reading maybe half – maybe even less – than I usually do. This started out as a bit of a multi-purpose blog, but very quickly turned primarily into a book blog.

I hope this trend of not reading as much changes soon, but I think there are probably more features on covers and publishing news than there used to be, and because I schedule most posts months in advance, this might go on for a few weeks. They’re replacing some of the space I used to post book reviews.

Mind you, I have been posting seven days a week for years, even when I was away in Europe for a month or two at a time!

Maybe some more balance is good. I’ve been spending maybe ten hours a day a number of days a week working on Photoshop and various designs (and taking painkillers for my poor mouse hand!). And now I’ve taken Ukrainian embroidery and cross stitch back up, and will be constructing pieces for sale, there goes more of my reading time!

I’ve been reading a bit about other readers complaining they’re bored with their books at the moment. I don’t know if that’s my problem (mind you, I’ve read some FANTASTIC books recently) or if it’s just that the past couple of years have been full of death and other horrible things for me, and I just need to change MY mood…

Either way, I promise not to slack off too much!


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