Burnt by Karly Lane

Burnt by Karly Lane

Sebastian (Seb) Taylor and Rebecca Whiteman were high school sweethearts dreaming of a future together, when one terrible night forever changed their destiny.

Eighteen years after the tragedy Rebecca has brought her children back to the town she left behind to start a new life.

Seb, an elite SAS soldier in the Australian Army, has returned home injured, angry and grieving to face a town that hasn’t forgotten and a father who has never understood him.

Rebecca has enough problems of her own without adding Seb Taylor to the mix; a failed marriage, two children to support and an annoying heavy breather who refuses to stop calling. The last thing she needed was her first love to make a sudden reappearance in her life…

From bestselling author of Morgan’s Law and Bridie’s Choice comes a story of love, forgiveness and bravery that will touch your heart.

Burnt by Karly Lane

There are only a few authors who I’ve been following from their first book through their development as an author. Karly Lane (as Karlene Blakemore-Mowle) sent me her early ebooks for review years ago, and I liked her work then.

Now, years later, it’s incredible to see how far she has come. I think this is far and away her best book, and apart from her excellent development as an author, I think it helped that her love of her hometown – the setting of this book – shone through from start to finish.

I absolutely love suspense books and books involving the military. However, for the past few years I’ve been mostly reading historical fiction and other similar genres because my favourites have become mockeries of themselves. The term “Navy SEAL” has become a joke. Suspense has become clichéd.

So it was really nice to see an author who created a Special Forces (Australia’s SAS) soldier who actually qualified for his job, and an author willing to incorporate the realities of that job.

This is not the main focus of the story, however. But I enjoyed the other well-researched aspects of the story and the realistic characters, actions and behaviours. For example, the heartbreaking flashback to the car crash.

Australian small town romances have become a bit tiresome, predictable (and offensive to people in cities!) and downright boring for me recently, and I’ve turned down a number of review books in the genre.

If more authors wrote books like this I’d definitely be more interested!

But sorry, I definitely cannot agree. Lee Kernaghan is a total bogan, not sexy!! I actually worked in one of his dressing rooms a few years ago and ripped his name off the wall with a lot of satisfaction!

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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