Currently Free: Kit’s Hill by Jean Stubbs

Kit’s Hill by Jean Stubbs is currently free.

Kit’s Hill by Jean Stubbs

The year is 1760.

High on Garth Fells in the county of Lancashire, life is ruled by bitter cold winds.

And Ned Howarth, owner of Kit’s Hill farm, knows he needs to marry to carry on the line of Howarths who have owned the land for centuries.

Captivated by the bright and beautiful Miss Dorcas Wilde, he pens her a humble proposal of marriage.

When she receives the letter Dorcas is torn.

Intelligent and well-educated, she never imagined for herself the life of a farmer’s wife.

But she is too poor to be married to a gentleman, and if she remains a spinster she will be destined to follow in the dull footsteps of her maiden aunt.

After much deliberation she accepts Ned’s proposal and they marry.

Dorcas is determined to overcome the hardships that will face her on the farm.

But once she is married she finds herself cut off from the world she knows.

And the housekeeper, Betty Ackroyd, is reluctant to give up her power over the household.

Surrounded by howling winds and beautiful landscape, Dorcas is largely left to her own devices, and she quickly uses this to better Kit’s Hill and focus on building a home and a family.

Generations of Howarth’s had lived and farmed at Kit’s Hill and Dorcas was determined the tradition should continue.

Can Dorcas reconcile herself to country life?

Will Ned accept her advice?

Or will life on Kit’s Hill become the fighting ground for a battle of wills…?


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