The Week


Big, blue skies here, and lots of sun in mid-winter.

A pretty warm, sunny week for winter.

Happy thirty-second birthday to my little (but bigger) brother.

I have been having 2-3 hours’ sleep a night, and because of that I actually fell asleep at the computer while typing the other day! I remember having my eyes closed, but my fingers kept going on the keyboard. The only other times I’ve been this exhausted were after trips overseas (such as my thirty-six hour marathon from New York City to Canberra).

We spent many hours this week (including seven hours both on Tuesday and Friday) cleaning and moving furniture and things at my grandmother’s house. I was sort of drooping by the end, but who knew I could carry enormous items of furniture on my own? I feel like Superman.

I lost my Kindle (again!) on Friday the week before, and it wasn’t found until Tuesday. So I’m a bit behind on my reading, and especially on my review books.

It was also a week of terror, and I’m not just talking about the Islamic extremists. Russian car bombs in the far west of Ukraine, right near the EU border, in a city I have family in, and a city we’re supposed to be returning to in a few months – a city that was considered very safe. Shootings on buses in other major cities. Threats to kill Obama. Russian gangs attacking Ukrainian community centres in other countries – including here. Hate crimes everywhere.

And the world reacts:


What is “Snarky”?

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Northern Heat by Helene Young  by Helene Young

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Wicked White by Michelle A. Valentine

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Afterburn (After #1) by Sylvia Day

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