Military Heroines

Our Girl Series 1

I wrote before about how I’m not enjoying a lot of the new romantic suspense coming out, because it’s focused on making women “strong” by sticking a gun in their hands and doing nothing more to create characters I can enjoy reading about.

Well, I recently discovered the BBC series Our Girl, which is about a working class girl from London who surprises everyone by joining the British Army and becoming a medic in the middle of danger in Afghanistan.

Well, if you’re wondering how I’d like to see my military heroines, this might be a really nice place to go for inspiration!

Our Girl BBC.

I would NOT be good in the military. It would be my version of hell. So if I’m going to be reading about women I’m supposed to relate to, in this sort of work, I want a sympathetic, mentally and emotionally strong heroine. What I don’t want is Arnold Schwarzenegger – female version.

You should be able to watch Our Girl on YouTube (I did). However, it has also been screening on television in a few places. I really enjoyed it.

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