Clichés of Attraction


You read enough romantic fiction, and you start to notice things. Authors are always using the same totally unrealistic ways to describe attraction.

I know there are only so many ways to say something, but I’d like to see much less of this sort of thing whenever hero or heroine simply looks at the other:

  • Mouth dried – or the opposite. This is not something that EVER happens!
  • Immediate pointy nipples. Who walks around the streets with nipples that react to every pretty face?! There’s one really popular contemporary romance author who always has her heroines telling their nipples off for misbehaving. Um…
  • Eyes changing colour whenever someone attractive is around. Blue-to-black is not exactly realistic.
  • Pupils dilating. Unless you’re on narcotics, this isn’t something that just happens to you all the time.

Sorry, but all of these things really bug me. Especially as they’re not just happening at crucial, bedroom-related moments, but every time hero and heroine are in the same room. And in almost every book!


6 thoughts on “Clichés of Attraction

  1. Oh tell me about it, those little things drive me insane for example when the hero and heroine suddenly have the hots for each that they have that insane urge to start humping when they were just talking about tea. Tsk tsk tsk, I feel I can scream and it is happening in so many romance piece especially novellas. Sigh (sorry, I just came upon your post and I just had to respond).

    1. Yep, I REALLY hate that. They’re eating a sandwich in the presence of twenty other people, but their bodies just can’t control themselves. :/ It’s so silly. I don’t care how attractive someone is, that’s not how things work!

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