5 thoughts on “Cover Love

  1. That is a beautiful cover! Isn’t it interesting how a cover can turn you away or pull you in? I have read some real stinkers that had gorgeous covers, and some really great books with lousy covers . . . and probably missed some really good books as well because the covers turned me off. Lori Handeland’s books nearly got by me because of the “YA” style covers that really turned me off, and yet her work is amazing. . .

    1. I will always give a book with a cover like this a second look. 🙂 Almost 100% of contemporary romances now just use a picture of a topless man from hips to shoulders, and they all just look the same in the end.

      Sometimes I’ve read really good books with really awful covers, but it takes someone recommending them for me to pick them up!

      1. exactly… it tells you nothing about the actual book! ok, the guy has abs, so what? Is he smart? dumb? a jackass? and what about the other characters? the setting? the storyline? sigh….. catering to the lowest common denominator…

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