J.R. Ward: The Beast

J.R. Ward The Beast Black Dagger Brotherhood Cover

I don’t read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series anymore (in fact, I don’t read much paranormal romance or urban fantasy anymore), but I have to admit to being a little bit excited about J.R. Ward’s upcoming book.

I do think it’s odd that instead of letting the series go and starting something new, she is writing second books for all her original characters. However, Rhage (for all his faults and the weird way he turns into a giant dragon-dinosaur thingy!) is my favourite. He is also the author’s least favourite. I have this way of loving the least-liked characters the best, in pretty much every series!

I just hope it isn’t all about Rhage and Mary having a baby, but I bet it is!

Whatever the plot, I do like the cover. I have a much higher tolerance for the topless guy thing in paranormal genres than in, say, Regency romance.

rhageheaderJ.R. Ward The Beast Black Dagger Brotherhood artwork

3 thoughts on “J.R. Ward: The Beast

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  2. Great little article – I agree with your take on Rhage. Turning into a dragon was strange just like V’s girlfriend coming back as a ghost. Still a grt series though 📕📕❤️❤️

    1. I think it’s better when you don’t think too much about some of the crazy things! 🙂 Definitely something addictive about the books, no matter what creatures the characters become.

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