Wild Thunder (The Wild Series) by Cassie Edwards

Wild Thunder (The Wild Series) by Cassie Edwards

Hannah Kody came to her brother’s ranch in the Kansas Territory to be his eyes, as his sight was failing fast. Yet his misfortune couldn’t dim the joy she found in the wide vistas of the Western plains. And the excitement she found in the presence of Strong Wolf. The future chief of the Patawatomis stood tall and proud, and Hannah dreamed she had traveled there to meet him. . .

But for Strong Wolf, Hannah was supposed to be the enemy, allied not only to the settlers he distrusted, but to the brutal foreman of her brother’s ranch. He felt only sorrow could come of their attraction, until the day Hannah rode to his lodge, fell into his arms, and launched a journey neither had the desire to deny…

Wild Thunder (The Wild Series) by Cassie Edwards

I totally forgot this author was in huge trouble for all sorts of plagiarism a few years ago. I’d like to know if this book is one of the offenders, because apparently her backlist has done the rounds of a few publishers, and then been dumped when people were made aware of the issue.

So, there’s a big fad at the moment for publishers to rerelease historical romances (especially Westerns) from the bodice ripper era. They slap a new cover on and hope nobody realises the books are decades old and painfully out-dated.

This book is a dinosaur.

Granted, some of these old-school bodice rippers still hold up today, but Wild Thunder, from its ridiculously fake “feisty” heroine, to its insta-love, to its vague racism (look at the guy on the new cover!!), and even to its online author profile with the 1980s glamour photo… this book should have been left to rest in its grave. This is not a book that works in the twenty-first century. And how so-called hero and so-called heroine fell so In Love during an argument over a dam, and that the heroine’s BLIND brother *saw* that they were in love even though they didn’t even speak to each other…

I do find it so weird that there’s almost no difference between a book from 2005 to a book from 2015, but a book from 1995 is a totally different species to a book ten years later.

Here is an example of the writing from Wild Thunder (before hero or heroine have even had a conversation!). Exclamation marks abound:

And, oh, she so badly wanted him. It would be heaven to be held by him. His muscled arms could make her feel so protected, so loved!

But at this moment, they were enemies. And she would fight for her freedom!

Wrenching her wrist free, Hannah turned and ran. “My father imprisoned me at the convent!” she shouted over her shoulder. “No one will imprison me ever again!”

Strong Wolf was in awe of Hannah’s spirit, of her will to fight for her rights! He admired this in her, and wanted her even more than before. She would be a challenge for any man. And he had always enjoyed challenges of all kinds!

Well and truly a Fabio-era book.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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