The Drifter (Where the Trail Ends #1) by Anna Schmidt

The Drifter (Where the Trail Ends #1) by Anna Schmidt

Caught between a greedy corporation and a desperate love of the land, Maria Porterfield barely has time to mourn her father’s death. If her family is to survive, it’ll be up to her to take charge-but she can’t do it alone. When a mysterious drifter rides into town, the handsome cowboy seems like an answer to her prayers. But Chet isn’t interested in settling down, no matter how tempting the offer…

Chet made his way West looking for a fresh start-the last thing he wants is to get involved in someone else’s fight. But something about Maria awakens a powerful need to protect the fierce beauty at all costs. He never thought he’d find love, but as danger presses in, he may find there’s more beyond the next horizon than just another long and dusty trail.

The Drifter (Where the Trail Ends #1) by Anna Schmidt

Recently I’ve been reading more Western historical romances than I usually do. I think I needed a little break from my usual fare.

The Drifter is a well-written and researched book, and I think the author captured the way of life in this time (1882) and place (Arizona Territory) pretty much perfectly. There are some moments here and there where you get this amazing image of how things were.

I did appreciate that the relationship took time to develop, and that made it seem much more period-appropriate.

That said, I did find the book a little slow in parts. Cattle farming isn’t the most interesting topic (for me at least!); it’s the reason I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Australian rural fiction, and that’s not really any different when it comes to books set in the United States.

It did seem like a really handy coincidence that the hero came riding in only hours after a position at the ranch became available, but I didn’t mind that much!

I do think this series has promise, and for fans of Western romance, this is worth a chance.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.


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