The Week: 24th – 30th August


In our garden. X

Blessing the graves Ukrainian Sonya Heaney Christopher Heaney Queanbeyan Australia 29th August 2015

Yesterday we blessed my grandparents’ graves (my grandmother’s grave in particular, as she is the one who recently died). After that we took the priest to the pub for lunch.

air-force-roulettes-canberra-australia-25th-january-2014-sonya-heaneyAir Force Roulettes Melbourne Australia Heaney 2009

It was such a nice, sunny day, and because all the tertiary education institutions had their open days, the Australian Defence Force Academy had the Air Force Roulettes flying over. I’m so used to seeing them now, I recognised the sound of their engines before I even knew it was them – and I didn’t know they were supposed to be flying at the event! (Those aren’t pictures from yesterday – one is a training shot from my brother’s apartment balcony in Canberra, and the other is from the Formula One in Melbourne. I see them fly quite often.)

Sentsov and three other Ukrainian citizens were arrested on May 11 by Russian law enforcement authorities in Crimea.

The week began with my social media accounts being hacked and frozen on Ukrainian Independence Day. Followed by a Trojan virus or twelve appearing on my computer after I reported on various sites on the wrongful conviction (after torture) to decades of hard labour for Ukrainian filmmakers by a Russian court, and on the deaths of dozens of Ukrainian soldiers in the past few days.

We have a big protest coming up in response to the phony convictions.

Romance is a progressive genre?

Romance Book Covers Harlequin Mills and Boon

Never Read a Romance Novel? Grow Up

My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

Book Cover Photobomb

Man of the Family by Leigh Riker

My review of Not Always a Saint (The Lost Lords #7) by Mary Jo Putney

Not Always a Saint (The Lost Lords #7) by Mary Jo Putney

My review of The Drifter (Where the Trail Ends #1) by Anna Schmidt

The Drifter (Where the Trail Ends #1) by Anna Schmidt


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