The Week: 31st August – 6th Sepetmber

Sunset Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney Spring 3rd September 2015 Clouds Sky Nature

You know it’s spring in Canberra when the sky does this every evening…

The first sunset of spring. Mostly spring, and not much sunset! #Canberra #Australia #flowers #blossoms #garden #nature Sonya Heaney 1st September 2015

First day of spring!

Happy Father’s Day (to people who celebrate it today)!


Tuesday – the first day of spring – was the second anniversary of my father’s mother’s death.

Wool world record 40kg fleece shorn off overgrown sheep in Canberra6743386-3x2-700x467 Wool world record 40kg fleece shorn off overgrown sheep in CanberraGiant-woolly-Sheep-AFP-2

This week, here in Canberra, a stray sheep was found. Its wool broke the world record. Also, notice the paddock full of kangaroos. We have a plague of them here. Every time you get in the car and drive somewhere you’ll see a gazillion dead kangaroos on the side of the road, and more preparing to jump. Our last car was destroyed by one!

Canberra gymnastics coach Zou Li Min killed in fishing accident

A former champion gymnast from China, who was a coach here in Canberra in recent years, has died. My family was heavily involved in gymnastics (I competed in state championships and later worked as a coach, but my brother was actually training for the Olympics here at the Australian Institute of Sport), so this is yet another loss that hits close to home for me this year… Nowhere near as close as the other deaths, but still enough for me to wonder what is going on at the moment! If people could stop dying for a few months…

New Police Kharkiv 4th September 2015 with US ambassador322

Ukraine launched yet another Western-style police force in yet another city. The US flag is there because the fantastic, amazing, intelligent, great (I am seriously a fangirl over him!) US ambassador was there.


Crimean Tatars keep getting grabbed off the street by the Russian authorities, tortured, and murdered. Ethnic cleansing was a hobby of Stalin’s in Crimea during Soviet times, and now it’s happening all over again.

1st September 20152

And, a bit more Putin propaganda going up in Crimea at the moment…

That whole misogyny thing…

Hell or High Water (Deep Six #1) by Julie Ann Walker

This Cover…

Bewitching Hour by Anne Stuart

My review of The Rogue You Know (Covent Garden Cubs #2) by Shana Galen

The Rogue You Know (Covent Garden Cubs #2) by Shana Galen

My review of Wolf Creek Widow by Penny Richards

Wolf Creek Widow by Penny Richards

My review of Wagon Train Proposal (Journey West #3) by Renee Ryan

Wagon Train Proposal (Journey West #3) by Renee Ryan

What IS this?

Sea Treasure by Johanna Hailey


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