Rescue Me by Christy Reece

Rescue Me by Christy Reece

A covert operative of Last Chance Rescue Enterprises (LCR), Eden St. Claire has made secrets her life’s work. Seven years ago, an evening of emotional vulnerability and pure pleasure almost destroyed her. Now Eden wears her beauty like a mask, concealing any hint of vulnerability or demons of her past.

A daring rescue of an innocent girl on a Greek island leads Eden to a new partner. Jordan Montgomery, new to LCR, has been looking for Eden—though he knows her by another name, from another time. But his search for her is overshadowed by a case that’s gone international. A powerful, ruthless, organised network is stealing women and children around the world—as a lover, a traitor, and a killer all wait for Eden’s next move.

Rescue Me by Christy Reece

I recently reread Christy Reece’s debut novel, and even though I was prepared to have a different opinion of it now, it’s still my favourite book from her.

Reece manages to achieve a lot of great things with Rescue Me, and I loved it for the high stakes then just as I do now. I was surprised to find some readers struggled with these two characters, because their mistakes and betrayals are why their relationship is so memorable.

There are so many twists and turns in this story that it’s impossible to discuss the plot without major spoilers. I love the concept of Jordan realising too late he screwed up, only for the woman he’s looking for to disappear apparently without a trace, and for years.

I’m not always a fan of the gun-toting tough girl heroine, but Reece creates women who are balanced. They’re also vulnerable and typically feminine, but they can hold their own when they need to.

This is one of those books with special moments and incidents and scenes you’ll remember later. It’s the memorable moments that have caused me to reread the book more than once.

Two little issues I had:

In this book they’re in France and paying in francs. Even when the book was first published the euro had been in for many years!

Secondly, Jordan has a TSTL moment near the end, which is completely out of character.

However, THIS is the sort of romantic suspense I want to read, and there’s not much of it around anymore. Where did it go?

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