Amish Redemption (Brides of Amish Country #13) by Patricia Davids

Amish Redemption (Brides of Amish Country #13) by Patricia Davids

An Amish Homecoming

Joshua Bowman is ready to go home. After spending time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s putting everything behind him and reconciling with his fractured family. When a devastating tornado throws him unexpectedly into the path of Mary Kaufman and her daughter, Hannah, he feels the first spark of life after months. But Mary’s adoptive dad is the Englisch sheriff—and he’d never trust her care to a man with Joshua’s past. Plus the lovely single mom has a secret of her own, one that she’s spent years running from. Together they survived the storm, but are they strong enough to shed the shadows of their past?

Brides of Amish Country: Finding true love in the land of the Plain People.

Amish Redemption (Brides of Amish Country #13) by Patricia Davids

DO NOT be daunted by the fact this is supposed to be book thirteen in a series. It’s the first one I’ve read, and it’s a perfect standalone book.

Since discovering that I really like Patricia Davids’ writing and themes, I’ve been powering through her Amish romances. The problem is that I’ve been reading everything backwards, starting with her upcoming book and then moving onto the one before it, and then the one before that! The author’s next series continues on from this one. It is probably giving me a different idea of the characters than most people have!

Amish Redemption is a surprise read if you’re expecting Amish books to be slow and backwards. This one involves a tornado, drug trafficking, child abduction, prison – everything! The Amish in the community live right alongside everyone else, and so the outside world intrudes on theirs.

This was a fascinating book, and honestly the religion only plays a part in the story because it’s the way the people live. It’s not preachy, and there’s a careful distinction made between what’s expected and accepted with an Amish person and how things are for the rest of us.

What this author does – and some others do not – is immerse you into the Amish world in a way that makes you forget it’s foreign. So you feel like you are reading about regular people like those you see on a day to day basis. She makes it easy to connect and identify with them and their issues.

Two things I wasn’t thrilled with weren’t that big. The first is that I’ve noticed this author likes introducing a second love interest for her heroines, and I don’t often enjoy love triangles – especially when the other man is usually nice.

The other one is that our hero took a while longer than I’d have liked to put two and two together when the bad stuff happens at the end.

However, these were minor niggles, and I know my hugely unlikely love affair with Amish fiction will continue after this one!

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