Sequel Baiting



I like book series, much prefer the series that have a set length, and have no problem with future main characters turning up in earlier books (as long as you aren’t required to be up to date with past books in order to understand later books in the series).

However, recently I’ve become really tired of having a whole series’ worth of random, interchangeable “hot guys” being trotted out for me in book one. I feel the same when it’s done with future heroines (but at least then they tend to have a purpose other than being sexy and overly fantastic), but the hot guys in particular seem to be the trend du jour.

The Darkest Hour (KGI #1) by Maya Banks

This review of The Darkest Hour, the first in Maya Banks’ KGI series, explains it pretty well:

Ms Banks tries to also tackle Rachel’s amnesia, the issues in the relationship between Rachel and Ethan, and the suspense subplot amidst sowing the seeds for sequels by parading the rest of Ethan’s brothers in front of me as if I’m a picky person picking out choice strippers for my birthday party.

And recently when it comes to new series, we’re not only being introduced to the whole gang, but they come with some sort of concept attached to them. Often when we meet them they’re already a notorious gang of friends, with all of society referring to them by some cool nickname. Otherwise they’re all attached for some other reason, like they all secretly write scandal sheets, under false names. Or maybe they’re a group of dukes who all inexplicably work as spies.

A recent example is a new series by a favourite author of mine, where hero and all future heroes are named after the elements. I loved the first book, but meeting all four Hot Regency Men in a room together, with their silly names… well that earned a lot of mental eye-rolls!

I guess it works, because so often I see comments that a reader can’t wait for Hot Guy #4’s book!, or is desperate to find out when Hot Guy #6 will get his entry to the series!.

However, surely I’m not the only person longing for a series where we meet characters normally and naturally. I’m sick of being introduced to interchangeable gangs of studs!


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