The Week: 28th September – 4th October


Me with Sophia the Thursday before she went. She is the most cuddly cat!

UPDATE: Our cat had four gorgeous little black, white and grey kittens! (Well, they’ll be gorgeous soon, because they look a bit like rats at the moment!)

They sneaked an orphan into her litter, so now she a mum of five. 🙂


The week started in a sad way. Monday was not only the day we took our gorgeous, gorgeous stray cat, Sophia, to foster care (she will be having her kittens soon), but it was also the day we gave up my grandmother’s house to the new owners. It was the centre of our lives for three and a half decades, the place all our Easters, Christmases, birthdays etc. happened.

Australian Parliament Canberra Australia Parliament House Capital Hill Spring Sonya Heaney 28th September 2015

Driving past Australian Parliament on Monday morning – a public holiday in Canberra.

I took the above picture of Parliament House on our way back through Canberra, from dropping off the cat and on our way back to New South Wales to close up the house.

The warm weather has well and truly arrived. Suddenly everyone’s in their little summer dresses!

United Nations 28th September 2015 the tattered Ukrainian flag from the August 2014 Massacre of Ilovaisk, where 366 Ukrainian soldiers were killed after being tricked into surrender by Russian forces.

Ukrainians holding up a bullet-riddled flag at the United Nations on Monday. It is from a battle where the Russians tricked 366 Ukrainians into surrendering and then massacred them. All the while Putin is running around the world, playing friends with all the world leaders.

Imagine how the world would have reacted if it had been 366 Americans massacred!

I have NO idea why, but starting on Wednesday there were so many Christmas episodes on the television. Have the department stores made a deal with the TV networks or something? Is it a not-so-subtle suggestion we rush out and start Christmas shopping in October?

Celebrities who have modelled for book covers

2,_Claudia_and_the_Phantom_Phone_CallsMost interesting to me is the Baby-Sitters Club cover with Kirsten Dunst, because not only are we the same age, but I think I still own a copy of that book.

Sequel Baiting

The Darkest Hour (KGI #1) by Maya Banks

Her Face!

Ravenswood Janet Louise Roberts

My review of This Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda Weaver

This Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda Weaver

My review of The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay

The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay

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