A Daddy for Christmas by Linda Ford

A Daddy for Christmas by Linda Ford

Cowboy to the Rescue

Summoned by two little girls to help their mother in distress, Blue Lyons rushes to rescue widow Clara Weston. When the cowboy discovers the fatherless family has nowhere to go, he offers them food and shelter. But widower Blue won’t get too close to the needy trio. He’s lost too many people he’s cared for, and he isn’t about to set himself up for loss again.

For Clara, any dangers she may face on the frontier are preferable to staying with her controlling father. Although she’s determined to keep her independence, Blue’s kindness and tenderness are hard to resist. Can two pint-size matchmakers help Clara and Blue open their guarded hearts in time for Christmas?

Christmas in Eden Valley: Forging a future in Canada’s west country.

A Daddy for Christmas by Linda Ford

Once I got over the shock of receiving Christmas review books at the beginning of JULY, I found this a pleasant read. Be warned that while some (many, actually) of Harlequin’s Christian books can be read by people who aren’t religious, this is one of the most religious books I’ve read. I would definitely hesitate before recommending it to people who aren’t passionate about their faith.

The little girls on the cover of the book should be a good indicator for what to expect. This is a story about four characters: hero, heroine and her two daughters. The four of them have an equal amount of page time. I do like that the author managed to give the daughters separate, distinct personalities.

And yay for a hero with red hair! Interesting that he was named Blue because of the colour of his hair – I thought that was mostly a thing Australians did.

The story is very focused on the four characters, though characters who are clearly from previous books do pop in at regular intervals. I am not caught up with this series, but it didn’t matter.

I can’t say I disliked much about this one, but it wasn’t quite the sort of thing I like to read. I do think the book could have done with the danger a little more at the forefront, because by the 75% mark the characters seemed to be regurgitating their conversations about their issues. I know it’s Christian fiction so it’s to be expected, but the heroine blindly sitting around in a desperate situation and waiting for God to give her what she needed bordered on the… I don’t think I should use the word!

Touched by an Angel reruns have been running in Australia recently, and I saw a lot of similarities here!

This is one for the family-oriented and definitely one for the religious. Harlequin produces a lot of wonderful, historically-accurate, Christian-themed historical romances, but definitely only give this one a go if you like heavy faith themes in your books.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.


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