This Cover!

I’m not going to lie: I own a copy of this. I spent some time, effort and money to track down a second-hand copy.

It’s as awful as the cover promises (and don’t you love how it has Fabio’s autograph on it?!).

One read was enough for me, but one line is still stuck in my head years later. It’s one of the descriptions of Fabio-er-Marco being aroused at the sight of his (very young) heroine. He felt:

A boulder in his trousers.

Pirate Fabio

Here’s the wonderful blurb:

My Love,
They call me privateer—cold, ruthless, brazen and bold. Yet, from the first moment I saw you, I was overcome. You were but a helpless child, orphaned and innocent, when I rescued you from almost certain defilement and death—and whisked you off to my Caribbean island hideaway to be shockingly pampered by my loyal crew.
And now you are a woman—as beautiful as the dawn…and as wildly unpredictable as the winds and the sea. You are in my blood, cara mia; your breathtaking loveliness haunts my dreams. But to have you, I first must tame you—to awaken you to the dangerous ecstasy of a pirate’s passions…and a lover’s touch.


9 thoughts on “This Cover!

    1. Well, it stuck in my head from when one of the women’s magazines featured it when I was in about sixth grade! I just knew it had to be fantastic – hence the effort to find a copy! 😉

    1. I’m thinking I’m going to dig it out and find some more awful quotes. 🙂 My old Goodreads account had a lengthy review full of quotes, but I deleted it years ago.

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