Woo Me by Karina Bliss

Woo Me (The Outback Bachelor Ball Book 2) by Karina Bliss

Can true love overcome a bad hide day and a series of unfortunate events?

Disillusioned in love, Jen Tremaine is done with men. So when her best friends dare her to wear a cow costume to their reunion at an Outback Bachelor and Spinster Ball, she’s all over it. Who would have thought dressing as a heifer would make her irresistible to a bunch of lasso-twirling, drunken cowboys?

Maybe you should have thought this through, says the sexy security guard who keeps finding her at the centre of trouble. Even though Jen’s always dismissed soul mates as a load of bull, the sizzle between them is making her wonder: What if you met The One while wandering lonely as a cow? Would you find the courage to become a believer?

When ex-Special Forces soldier Logan Turner is roped into helping out with security at the B&S ball, he isn’t expecting to find love – but after months in all-male company he sure is hoping for lust. He certainly isn’t expecting to fall for a feisty, funny, trouble-making Cowderella. Only problem is, she’s leaving Australia tomorrow. Convincing Jen they can still have a future together may wind up being the toughest mission of his life.

Woo Me (The Outback Bachelor Ball Book 2) by Karina Bliss

Book One Review

I start to sound like a broken record when I’m reviewing contemporary romances by a certain group of authors. Karina Bliss is in that group, as are the other two authors in this series.

The reason I like this sort of book is because everyone is So Normal. Not normal as in boring, but normal as in I believe they exist. They don’t talk or act like Romance Novel Characters. I love it.

One thing I want to mention near the top is that the hero is a former Special Forces soldier who had something bad happen. However, he DID NOT carry on and mope about it nonstop like every other Special Forces soldier in the romance genre. He didn’t use his past as an excuse to refuse to commit.

This is the second in a trilogy set in Australia and written by Australian authors Joan Kilby and Sarah Mayberry, and Kiwi Karina Bliss. I have no idea how it was written without a lot of drama and confusion, because the stories are all happening at the same time, they’re closely connected, and some scenes overlap, but from different characters’ points of view. It must have been a challenge to make it all fit!

This is a novella, which means the timeframe is short, and which means it’s hard to make a reader believe in the relationship. Even more in this second book, because hero and heroine have never met before.

HOWEVER I was convinced, which was pretty impressive. I can only think of a couple of books where an author convinced me of a relationship this fast.

I liked how this one was plotted. A lot has to happen fast, and while it was all a little crazy, that’s what these silly B&S balls are like, so I was happy to go with it. I also LOVE a book where the hero knows what he wants, and goes for it.

As with the last book, things have been Americanised. The worst offender has to be the “fanny pack”, as outside US English “fanny” is slang for a woman’s… erm… the same way “dick” is slang for a man’s… erm… The metric system has ceased to exist, and proper nouns have been changed into US spelling (such as CENTRE becoming CENTER in the first sentence).

I know I should give in and accept I’ve lost this battle, because the publishing industry expects American English no matter where a book is set. However, I’m not flying the white flag just yet!

This is a fun series, and I think the length of the stories is just right. I’ve read plenty of collaborations, particularly those being put out by Mills and Boon and Harlequin, but in those there’s always a weak entry or two. Not the case here.

Review copy provided by the authors.


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