So, this has NOTHING to do with books…

But on Sunday afternoon I decided I’d rather tame the local magpies (Australian magpies are a different breed to Northern Hemisphere magpies, and are very violent right now, in spring), than be attacked by them.

It took one time giving them a little snack, and then they started coming to our door a few times a day. I tried not to get too close, because that’s probably a terrible thing, but they’re acting like pet dogs or cats, the stupid idiots!

As we’ve decided it’s totally impractical to keep the best cat ever:

 Cat 3 Queanbeyan Australia Sonya Heaney 19th September 2015

Instead, now we have The Three Stooges. Instead of attacking us, they follow us around and sing like buskers.

I HAVE pointed out that magpies live even longer than cats! We should have kept the cat!

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