Very Odd

I just saw a blog post by author Roz Denny Fox, and I wanted to share it here.

Unless an author has done something horribly incorrect and offensive in a book, I don’t think it’s appropriate to contact them and tell them you didn’t like it. However, I know many people do just that.

This is a different thing, though. It’s just really, really odd! I’m completely stumped that a reader couldn’t understand the concept of fiction!

…I received a letter from a reader who had gotten a copy of one of my fairly old back-list books at a library book sale. She wrote a two page letter saying how unhappy she was because my story, set in her state, wasn’t in any town she or any of her friends had ever heard of, and she’d been a resident all her life…

…I wrote back thanking her for taking the time to write to me, and for enjoying the story. Then I said the town was fictional. I assumed this would be the end of it. But she wrote back, again disappointed. She wondered why I would put such real-sounding people, with very real careers, in a town that didn’t exist. If I wrote fiction, she said, none of the book ought to feel real…


2 thoughts on “Very Odd

  1. vdreiling

    LOL – most authors lead a double life–the real one and the fictional one. So you know I can identify to some extent. 😉

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