In Debt to the Earl by Elizabeth Rolls

In Debt to the Earl by Elizabeth Rolls

“If you wish, I can take you out of all this.” 

In his quest for revenge against a disreputable card sharp, James, Earl of Cambourne, discovers the man’s innocent daughter. While her surroundings are impoverished, her dignity and refinement are unmistakable, and James faces an unsettling question—what will be her fate if he brings her father to justice?  

Although yearning for love and comfort, Lucy resists the earl’s surprising offer of protection. That is until a price is made on her virginity, and James is the only man who can save her.

In Debt to the Earl by Elizabeth Rolls

What a terrible cover – what’s with that man?!

I don’t understand the average Goodreads reviewer. I nearly didn’t read this one because of the not-so-good reviews. I should know by now that is an indication of a good book!

Oh, I enjoyed this one – enough to order myself a paper copy before I even finished my review copy. Sure, there’s an element of fairy tale and fantasy to the happy ending, but at the same time I just really loved the story.

I enjoy a book in this genre that can take you out of the ballroom for a while, and place you in the more common areas of society. And I loved that even though our hero wanted our heroine as a mistress, there was more relationship development in this book than in most in historical romance.

Some of my favourite books (all books, not just romances) are set in the working class areas of London. And as someone who actually used to live on Fleet Street, this book had an extra element of interest for me.

Sure, the chances of anyone from that area (as it was back then), no matter their well-bred background, ending up with an earl are pretty much non-existent. However, I think the author did a fantastic job of illustrating the social divides and the snobbery a (potential) mistress would face. Too few authors stress the divisions in society, and the sexual double standards between men and women of the time.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters – pretty much all of them. Nobody seemed too much of a stereotype, and so while sometimes I just find them a distraction, in this book I really wanted to know what was going on with them.

I forgot that the book was set in 1802, before the Regency, and when I got to the end I thought the epilogue had gone back in time! Not that it matters either way, but I guess that’s the mindset of historical romance readers.

I could pick at the story here and there, find some faults, but I choose not to do that when I find a book I want to reread, so I won’t.

This is my first by this author, but I will be on the lookout for the next in the series.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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