How did 2015 go? Historical Romance.

Christmas Historical Romance Cover Art by Jon Paul Studios - Copy

I began the year hoping for a few things in the historical romance genre.

H.R.H. Duke Carl Theodor in Bavaria (1808-1888)

I wanted fewer dukes.

Yeah, that’s not happening, is it. Dukes are not just everywhere you look and in almost every book, but now they’re also super spies!

Unfortunately, until someone makes princes the new thing, I think dukes are here to stay.

I was happy to see that Lisa Kleypas’ new series – so far – does not include a single duke!

Historical Romance Fashions and Hairstyles Versus the Reality Victorian Era Portrait Book Cover

I wanted more historical accuracy and less anachronistic behaviour on display for the female characters.

The past is the past, and it’s more than a little insulting to imply your heroine is not worthwhile unless she acts like she’s from 2015.

Did I get my wish? Uh… I guess it depends entirely on which author you choose. Some authors do a great job, and some do not.

Second Chance Hero by Winnie Griggs

I thought some more variety with time periods and settings might be nice.

I have been reading quite a lot of Western historical romance this year, and enjoying the change. However, it’s not exactly a new and untapped setting!

I actually don’t mind so much with this point. Some locations and eras are popular for a reason, and I like to read about those.

Ass Donkey

I wanted authors to have their British characters using British English.

Uh, no change here. Authors: ARSE. Please learn the word – and use it! 🙂

2015 wasn’t that bad a year for historical romance, actually. I read some really good books. I did go through a few periods where I was bored out of my mind, but taking a break and reading something different usually fixed that.

2 thoughts on “How did 2015 go? Historical Romance.

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  2. Shirley Taylor

    I came across your above “Expectation vs Reality” picture in Google Images and it led me here. However, the picture I came across had this caption off to the side: “Historical Romance Fashions and Hairstyles Versus the Reality Victorian Era Portrait Book Cover” and I just wanted to say/point out that you’ve used a Regency period image for your “Expectation” picture and a Victorian period image for your “Reality” and it does the the sub genre of historical romance a huge disservice as the book covers of these periods accurately reflect the clothing of that time 9 times out of 10. And by intimating that the authors and publishers can’t get historical cover details correct you imply that the same goes for the book itself and, with the exception of making the women have more modern behavior and speech, this is far from the case in the historical romances of the past 10 years at least thanks to the internet bringing authors into closer contact with their readers who, by pointing out inaccuracies, tell authors that readers want as much accuracy as possible.
    As for the modern behavior and speech, that’s so readers can identify more easily with the characters rather than constantly struggle to understand what they are saying and because current romance, no matter the sub-genre, has become far more feminist in it’s overall message than critics of the genre at large will ever give it credit for. As a romance reader you must know that for every 1 person that loves romance there are probably 9 critics saying it’s crap and it’s readers can’t distinguish fantasy from reality when they’ve never bothered to read the genre themselves despite it being a billion dollar industry.
    I guess I just felt like this was a shocking post from someone who clearly reads and enjoys the romance genre but suddenly started bashing it, I do get this is just your personal opinion. I too would like too see less Dukes sometimes but when I want a Duke romance I’m glad they’re so readily available. The only thing I can fully agree on in your post is that I’d like to see more exotic settings and/or other time periods than Medieval, Regency, Victorian, Old West, Contemporary and Futuristic. For this reason I quite enjoy Elizabeth Hoyt’s works and Mary Jo Putney’s older Silk Trilogy (especially the 2nd & 3rd books) and other such books. As a Canadian, I wish I’d come across some set in Canada but even Canadian romance authors seem to set their historicals in the usual places…maybe I’ll tackle that void myself someday. 😉

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