The Week: December 2015 – 3rd December 2016

Pink Flowers Garden Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 29th December 2015 Summer Hot Blue Sky Nature

Keep those decorations up! It’s Christmas again in the coming week (which means we have to start cooking and baking all over again).

We had a fairly low-key Christmas and New Year this year, which we sort of needed after everything that has happened in the past twelve months. It’s odd losing all your traditions because of deaths. You become a bit lost with what to do. On top of that, our holiday in Queensland ended right before Christmas, so it was a scramble to prepare!

It has been REALLY HOT here (and inland heat feels a gazillion degrees hotter than when I’m at the coast!), but apparently we have a cooler change coming now, which will be good when we’re making all the traditional Ukrainian foods.

How is it already 2016?

Best of 2015

The Secret Years by Barbara Hannay

How did 2015 go? Historical Romance.

Christmas Historical Romance Cover Art by Jon Paul Studios - Copy

How did 2015 go? Contemporary Romance.

Category Romance. No more home renovation. No more ageing parents going into homes. No more bakers. No more etc. etc. etc.

How did 2015 go? Romantic Suspense.

Collateral Damage by Kaylea Cross

My review of Instant Frontier Family by Regina Scott

Instant Frontier Family by Regina Scott



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