The Week: 4th – 10th January

Saturday Summer Sunset Sonya Heaney 9th January 2016 Sky Clouds Garden Nature

Saturday’s summer sunset. So orange!

So, Merry Christmas – again (NOT just Orthodox Christmas!). And New Year again next week.

Making Varenyky Canberra Australia Ukrainian Christmas Sonya Heaney 5th January 2015

Until now, every year of my life our Christmas cooking has been done at my grandmother’s house. However, as she died in May, this year there were only two of us (usually there’re four or five) doing the cooking: me with my mother. And she has a nasty burn and a bandaged arm from a few days before the other Christmas.

So, we didn’t remember to take any pictures until the very end!

This is just about the only one we have. It is of varenyky (dumplings, these made with potato, but they can be made with anything). We made dozens and dozens, but I didn’t take a picture until the last few were about to be cooked.

Ukrainian Christmas starts with kutia, which is a wheat and honey soup-thingy. Then borscht (which is Ukrainian, not Russian, despite what everyone thinks). You are supposed to have twelve dishes, but I can’t eat that much, so I count the bread and butter and everything as a “dish”!

The other great thing that happened this week was that ANOTHER cat has adopted us. However, this one has a collar and a tag, so he must have a responsible owner.

IMG_6039 - Copy

It’s just that he is here almost all day and all night! I already love him so much.

Our heatwave is back, which is sort of… difficult to live through…

My #1 book wish for 2016

Wicked White by Michelle A. Valentine

My review of A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

Another Cover Shoot Video

Romance Book Cover Shoot

Cover Love

Manor of Secrets (2014) by Katherine Longshore


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