Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown

Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown

Ten years ago, Amish quiltmaker Leah Beiler and her twin brother left their community and family without a word. Now she’s finally come home—with her orphaned young niece. Leah has much to explain to so many, including Ezra Stoltzfus. Before she left, she dreamed of marrying the handsome dairy farmer. But now that she’s lived among the English and is raising a child who knows nothing of Amish ways, Ezra worries she’ll leave again. Leah will have to prove to Ezra that her future is in Paradise Springs—and with him—forever.

Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown

I read somewhere recently that the reason people are attracted to Amish fiction is that it’s all about entering another world. Just like historical romances or paranormal fiction, there’s a whole different set of rules, which makes reading feel like an escape.

What makes Amish Homecoming interesting is that it’s not just about a woman returning to the Amish community, but also about a young girl joining the community for the first time. One thing that drives me insane about Amish fiction is the way the modern world is made out to be an awful place, but in this one I think there were only two offhand comments implying that.

Overall, I think it was handled well.

This is quite a simple story, as many Amish books are, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I like this author’s voice and I liked the characters. The romance was believable and the girl’s gradual acceptance of her new lifestyle was written realistically.

I think Jo Ann Brown is one of the better writers I’ve come across in this subgenre.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.


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