Just a note…

My faithful old computer went kaput tonight, so  I’m in the process of trying to set up a new one (with programs I DO NOT understand!) and trying to remember all my passwords… 🙂

Most of my blogs have posts that I scheduled months ago coming up, and I have NOT proofread them since then (and now it’s dawn, I don’t have time to). I have no idea what will be posted across my multiple blogs etc. in the next week or so!

What is more upsetting is that I don’t think I’m going to recover the ten-thousand word document I just worked on for the last few days, nor a number of weeks’ worth of other things… 😦

You would think that after only a first year living in Korea, when I lost TWO computers (one stolen in a home invasion, and the other killed by a glass of wine on Christmas Day) that I would be better at saving my files every day! I got lazy, but do it!

On another note: it is Ukrainian New Year now, so – I beg you! – have a drink for me, because I’m too stressed to! (That’s not true. I bet I do!)

But, by God, do I want that precious document back!


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