Stop at Nothing (Protect & Serve #1) by Kate SeRine

Stop at Nothing (Protect & Serve #1) by Kate SeRine

When a high-profile investigation goes wrong, FBI Agent Kyle Dawson is transferred back home where he is forced to confront his demons…and the only woman he ever loved. Three years ago, Kyle and Abby Morrow shared a wild, passionate summer—then Abby broke his heart.


Kyle never stopped loving Abby. So when Abby uncovers evidence of a human-trafficking ring, leading to her sister’s kidnapping, he swears he’ll stop at nothing to bring her sister home and keep Abby safe. Caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse and blindsided by their own explosive desires, they must set aside the past before it’s too late.

Stop at Nothing (Protect & Serve #1) by Kate Serine

I decided against finishing this one. It might have been my mood, or it might have been the fact I’ve been reading so much historical fiction, where people speak with a little respect, but whatever it is, I found the over-the-top bad language from the leading man to be too much for me.

I’m no angel, and sometimes when I get animated I hear myself swearing far too much.

However, there’s this thing romance authors tend to do when building their “tough guy” characters, and that’s to have them speak like they need their mouth washed out with soap every half an hour- at least. Sure, guys swear, but not this much!

Here are the opening few sentences of the book:

“Well, son of a bitch.

 The little bastard had decided to run. Didn’t that just fucking figure? It was at least ninety degrees and the air was so thick Kyle might as well have been trying to inhale the gumbo that the citizens of New Orleans found so enticing. And now that freaky little shit…”

And here are some snippets from the opening few pages:

“Suck my dick!” Rhodes spat. “I ain’t telling you shit, Dawson!”

Page Five

“You guys have a nice chat?” he taunted Peterman. “Or were you just dropping by to polish Skinner’s knob before demanding a new partner?”

Page Six

I have multiple close relatives who are gay. I don’t appreciate thinly veiled homophobic slurs when authors want to make their men look manly (Maya Banks, I include you in this).

I guess this book just isn’t for me.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.


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