The Week: 18th – 24th January

Sunset Brindabella Ranges Canberra Australia Sonya Oksana Heaney 20th January 2016 Summer Sky Clouds Nature

Canberra Sunset

Another hot week. The poor schoolkids must be getting depressed now, with school about to go back… I’m trying to think back over the past few days, and I’m coming up blank. Must have been an exciting and memorable week!


This week was the thirteenth anniversary of the Canberra Firestorm. I was in the middle of the fires.

Russia was responsible for the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko

Gee, what a surprise Putin was responsible for the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko. I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked! And now we have Fiji making military alliances with Putin, and Russian military arriving in the South Pacific. These are things we should be concerned about, but it’s so much easier to work ourselves into a frenzy over tennis, cricket and reality TV…

Your book is like a toaster.


My review of Stop at Nothing (Protect & Serve #1) by Kate SeRine

Stop at Nothing (Protect & Serve #1) by Kate SeRine

My review of The Reluctant Duchess by Sharon Cullen

The Reluctant Duchess by Sharon Cullen


Perfection by Regina Scott



Cover Love

As Death Draws Near (Lady Darby Mystery #5) by Anna Lee Huber

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