Charlotte (South Landers #3) by Virginia Taylor

Charlotte (South Landers #3) by Virginia Taylor

A marriage most inconvenient…

After losing his first love in childbirth, Nicholas Alden knows with a great certainty that he must never be a father. But to be a husband is a very different matter—mandated by South Australian society, necessary for his family name. So when he meets beautiful social climber Charlotte, he believes he has found a wife he can keep at arm’s length. He is terribly wrong.

Born on the wrong side of the sheets, Charlotte hopes Nick can prop up her reputation long enough to secure a suitable match for her beloved cousin. She assumes that is all she can ask of her new husband—until they succumb to a night of uninhibited passion. Her heart is won in his embrace, but he doesn’t know the truth of her scandalous parentage. If he did, all would be lost.

Still, somehow, Charlotte dares to hope that her match of convenience could become something more. It is a reckless gamble, but the prize—a marriage of blazing lifelong desire—is one worth any risk…

Charlotte (South Landers #3) by Virginia Taylor

Something that is frequently forgotten by many non-Australians is that Britain and Australia had very close cultural ties for most of Australia’s history. This means that historical romance set in nineteenth century Australia is very similar to historical romance set in England at the same time.

I really enjoyed the same-but-not-quite setting of this book. There were issues with the story, but at the same time, I liked the slight change.

Charlotte is part of a series, and I’m sure that if you’ve read the others you’d have more context for the story, but it didn’t bother me. I think this book is fine on its own.

At first, with the outlandish beginning, I thought I might have some issues with this book, but it quickly convinced me otherwise.

While I did find some of the writing a little confusing (I don’t know how to explain that beyond the fact some authors have a stronger picture in their minds than they manage to show on the page), generally I enjoyed it.

Victorian Australia is not really that different from Victorian England – apart from the change in nature. As the Victorian era is a personal favourite, I liked discovering South Australia of the time.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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