Would you buy a book with this cover?

Christine Feehan is one of the romance authors who is an icon of the genre. You don’t have to like her books to appreciate what she has contributed to romance.

She was doing vampires before anyone else was, and had new takes on other paranormal themes. Her ideas have since been widely copied by other authors.

But this is the US cover for her new book:

Spider Game (GhostWalkers #12) by Christine Feehan US Cover

I would NEVER buy that book!

The GhostWalkers series is about enhanced soldiers with special, superhuman powers. I loved the early books, and it was such a great concept that other bestselling authors have pretty much stolen her ideas.

But what is this?!

In the United Kingdom, this is the cover they went with:

Spider Game by Christine Feehan UK Cover

Not great, but I wouldn’t die of embarrassment buying and reading that one!

I’m outspoken about being no fan of most romance covers, and how trashy they make the entire genre look. Covers like these are why people have such a weird idea about the genre.

3 thoughts on “Would you buy a book with this cover?

    1. It seems to be a new trend.
      I’ve just been through the newest review book offerings, and apparently the new fad for romance is to have a stripper or exotic dancer for a heroine.

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