Book Adaptation: Bitten 1×05 – 1×08

Thoughts on the first four episodes.

Bitten is a tough book to adapt, which is why I’m happy with the show making quite a few of the changes they have. What I’m not so happy with at the halfway point in the first season is the way the nature of the werewolves has been changed so drastically!

What is really missing from the television version is Kelley Armstrong’s intelligent dialogue and tricky ways of revealing information!

s01_e0105_06_139154027707Clay takes Elena to meet his family (meaning Jeremy). Jeremy is not happy Clay brought a human girl home.

For anyone who has read the book, they know how Elena became a werewolf and what went wrong between Elena and Clay. We get to see plenty of it in flashbacks, but they have changed a crucial point.

Bitten105_2354 Flashback Elena and Clay

In the book, Clay planned it all along, whereas in the show it’s made to seem like a last-minute, last-resort act of desperation.

BTT108_2357Bitten Clay Torture

I get it: having Clay actually torturing people on the screen means they want to humanise him in other ways, but they have definitely changed his character. He feels a lot more for people other than Elena and Jeremey – especially for humans – than he does in the book.

However, the thing about the Elena/Clay relationship that made it so complicated in the source material was the way he acted towards her, and the way she reacted to what he did. It has all been… softened… in the show.


The cast has grown on me, so it would be nice if they stopped killing them off! The characters who die are different to in the book.

Clay Bitten 1x08

Clay, in particular, has come into his role, and while Elena isn’t the Elena I imagine from the book, she is not bad.

s01_e0107_09_139241731947Philip calls Elena and tells her he misses her. She apologises for taking off without saying goodbye,

I still like Philip, though! He gets such rough treatment in both book and show – for doing nothing worse than being a nice person! He has no hope in the love triangle he doesn’t know he’s in!

Bitten-Season-1-bitten-tv-series-Elena Phillip

While I’m not a fan of show-makers adding in lots of random secondary characters, I’m not minding the new scenes involving Philip’s family, as it ties everything back into Elena’s struggle to pretend to be human.

SO FAR, I’m also not upset about the addition of the “other woman” who is coming onto Philip. Again: poor man!

 Bitten105_1632 Philip TorontoBTT105_1636Bitten

It has to be said, though, the coincidences they’ve come up with that Philip’s advertising firm would find a video of Elena as a werewolf, when nobody knows werewolves exist… Smart if you want a way to include him in the plot, but far too much of a coincidence!

BTT108_2115Bitten random pointless sex scene

I could do without quite so much sex. Being an actor these days must be awful. You’re pretty much expected to get naked and simulate sex in every episode!


The storyline between Logan and his girlfriend is… pointless. Nobody watches a werewolf show for everyday unexpected pregnancy issues, and so far, the fact HE IS A WEREWOLF and she doesn’t know about it hasn’t been brought up! It might be a bit of an issue when their kid starts changing forms! If the plot was more concerned with that and less concerned with giving the actors the required screen time (I assume) they signed up for with endless domestic bliss scenes, I wouldn’t mind.

However, as long as they keep her alive, it will be interesting to see her reaction to her friend, Elena, being a werewolf and never telling her.

In the book, it is Logan who is killed, not Antonio as is the case in the show. I think this is why this plotline is a bit anaemic so far; they have nothing to work with.

BTT105_2559Bitten Clay Jeremy Nick

Something they’ve done with the show is really expanded the werewolf world. In book one, there’re very few supernatural beings around, but in the show there’s a whole world out there! I do think they’ve introduced a few too many characters for viewers to take an interest in. Even though I was reading the series at the same time as watching the show, I didn’t even bother to keep track of who was who.

I enjoy some parts of this show so much, and find some other parts a little generically soap opera-y. As I said, it’s hard to adapt a (this) book, especially when that book is written in the first person and you’re trying to give more than one actor featured scenes.

I’m sticking with it, because it’s always (well, usually) fun to see a book being put onto the screen.


2 thoughts on “Book Adaptation: Bitten 1×05 – 1×08

  1. It’s been so long since I read the book I can’t even remember the characters’ names anymore! Didn’t Kelley Armstrong get a lot of fan feedback about the TV series? Enough for her to ask for her name to be removed as exec producer? I wonder if it’s because of all the deviations from the book.

    Being an actor these days must be awful. You’re pretty much expected to get naked and simulate sex in every episode!

    You’re not wrong there!

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