The week: 15th – 21st February

Sunset Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney Summer Sky Clouds Nature 2nd February 2016

Random Canberra sunset shot – with power lines ruining it!

I’ve been bingeing on Terri Brisbin’s Highlander books all week!

This week started with the craziest thing. On Monday I walked out of the bathroom to discover there was a magpie (Australian magpie) standing in the middle of the kitchen. I tried to entice it out of the house – with food included – but it got confused and decided it had to leave via the non-opening window! So there I was, unable to do anything but watch as it continually went SPLAT on the glass, then panicked, then flew around. Wash, rinse, repeat.


The same naughty bird, the Saturday after it happened.

The mess it made!! Poor creature.

And then, the neighbour’s cat (and everyone tells you cats are supposed kill birds!) strolled past, did nothing, had a drink, and then curled up for a snooze!

I have ANOTHER new computer! Well actually, I’ve bought it, but they have to ship it here next week. I’m going to spend the next few months travelling, so I’m not going to achieve much until July, having to set up yet another computer before I go. Getting sick of it, but at least now I have been smart enough to write all my accounts and passwords down in a notebook!

I’m really behind with replying to people online, and this is the reason.


When you wake up to find the neighbours’ cat with you in your bed (I was literally in bed when I took this picture)… This has been happening a lot so it’s a good thing I like cats! I love this guy, but I feel a bit guilty that he thinks he lives HERE.

Our other neighbours have two deliberately (trained to be) enormous, vicious dogs, and yesterday they discovered how to get into our back garden. So now we’re too scared to go out the door. Everyone talks about banning cats, but they’re not going to maul you to death! No, they’ll just invade  unsuspecting neighbours’ houses and sleep in their beds. Er…

Yesterday was the anniversary of the mass murder during the revolution in Kyiv, Ukraine (you probably know it as “Kiev” but that’s the old Russian name, not the official name). The day the pro-Russian and Russian snipers got on the rooftops, and the upper floors of buildings in the city centre (including buildings I’ve been in many times), and shot and killed everyone they could see.

russian and pro-russian Snipers Kyiv Ukraine 20th February 2014 Euromaidan Revolution Ukrainian

I was “live blogging” the revolution, because they didn’t have enough people covering it in English. I was watching live footage from the main square when the shootings happened, so I saw those people being killed. At first, none of us knew what was happening. Suddenly  there were all these people having CPR performed on them, and then being declared dead. People were yelling for medics, but they had no idea why they needed them.

It was the most awful day.

Ukraine Protest

A month before. We had these military police monsters come to one of our apartments in Ukraine in 2011. We also had two Jeep-loads of them, armed with the scariest-looking weapons I’ve ever seen, raid our building in Russia in 2007… Go Putin!!

Now the whole world has moved on to US-centric social justice issues, everyone has forgotten about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Because Ukrainian lives just *don’t* matter. 😦 😦

My review of The Rake’s Unveiling Of Lady Belle by Raven McAllan

The Rake's Unveiling Of Lady Belle by Raven McAllan

Cassandra Clare in trouble for plagiarism – AGAIN

c1rt_mar16RT MAGAZINE COVER MARCH 2016 CASSANDRA CLARE plagiarism debate

Behind the Scenes of Book Covers

(Even if – unlike me – you actually like romance covers, you have to agree this so all so cheap and horrid!)

Cheap and Nasty Trashy Romance Book Cover Shoot

Book Adaptation: Bitten 1×05 – 1×08

Bitten105_2354 Flashback Elena and Clay

Literature censorship in the United States

God’s Little Acre by Erskine Caldwell

The wedding of Marius and Cosette

Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne portray the characters of Cosette and Marius. oWedding Day. 16th February 1833.


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