The Highlander’s Runaway Bride by Terri Brisbin

The Highlander's Runaway Bride by Terri Brisbin

A pact…a bride…a secret never to be told!

When Eva MacKay learns her father has bartered her off to a warrior from a neighboring clan, she has no choice but to run away, taking her dark secrets with her. Freedom is now within her grasp!

Dutiful highlander Rob Mackintosh tracks down his runaway bride, only to be stunned by the fireworks that erupt between them. For behind Eva’s timid smile lies a headstrong beauty, and Rob knows, no matter what, this marriage is going to be full of surprises!

The Highlander’s Runaway Bride by Terri Brisbin

I’m picky about what Scottish-set historical books I read. I think that it’s a subgenre that relies more than most on clichés and stereotypes, so while I REALLY enjoy some, I REALLY don’t enjoy others (especially those that go crazy with the phonetically-written accents!).

I don’t know why I picked this one up exactly, but I’m so glad I did. I read it in one sitting, and enjoyed it more than I expected to.

Terri Brisbin is a marvellous writer, who seems to know how much stereotyping she can get away with at the same time as writing convincing characters. Her language works for me, and her storylines are larger than life at the same time as making sense to me.

In another author’s hands, this dramatic storyline and the massive secret between hero and heroine would have descended into melodrama. I could see my experience going either way with this one, and I’m so glad Brisbin is a good enough author to pull off high drama and high stakes without me finding it ridiculous.

Two things I wasn’t so sure about:

#1 We are not given a date for the story. Not even which century it is!

#2 We are not even told the heroine’s hair colour until 47% of the way in.

There’s a lot that can’t be said without ruining the story for others, but the fact I raced through this one so fast tells you – slightly odd cover aside – how much I liked it.

Now, off to read the first in the series.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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