A series to look out for.

Tycoon (The Knickerbocker Club 0.5) by Joanna ShupeMagnate (The Knickerbocker Club #1) by Joanna Shupe

Joanna Shupe showed promise with her first books, which were Regency romances, but this new series, set in New York’s Gilded Age, is brilliant.

Mixing the wealth and power of businessmen (think billionaire romances without the BDSM!), the manners of a strict upper class society, and all the cool stuff about romances set in the nineteenth century, I have really enjoyed the two review books I’ve read so far.

I will be reviewing book 0.5, the introductory novella in a couple of days, but watch out for book 1, Magnate in a month.



4 thoughts on “A series to look out for.

  1. I am insanely excited for this series. My heart actually skipped when I saw “Knickerbocker” on the cover. Sold. That’s all I need to know. I’ll be talking about Magnate on another site, but I had no idea there was an introductory novella. Must grab.

    1. The novella – of course – doesn’t have time to be as detailed as the first book, but I still really liked it.
      When you read a gazillion Regency romances a year, it’s so exciting to have something different (and the 1870s-1890s is a favourite era of mine).
      That it’s SO well-written is a bonus. 🙂

  2. I read Joanna Shupe’s Regency trilogy and enjoyed it and I am so excited about her new series set in New York. I know that Regencies are insanely popular, but I’ve always been baffled by American publishers’ reluctance to publish US set historicals – even Westerns are far and far between these days. I wonder whether this is because authors don’t write these kinds of books because they know that the market is limited or whether publishers just choose to publish UK set historicals because they know that they will sell?

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