The Hunter (Victorian Rebels #2) by Kerrigan Byrne

The Hunter (Victorian Rebels #2) by Kerrigan Byrne

They’re rebels, scoundrels, and blackguards—dark, dashing men on the wrong side of the law. But for the proper Victorian-era ladies who love them, a hint of danger only makes their hearts beat faster…

A scandalous proposal.

As one of London’s most elite hunters, Christopher Argent never misses his mark and always gets his man. But when his latest target turns out to be a woman—the popular, and stunningly beautiful, actress Millie LeCour—it turns his whole world upside-down. Overwhelmed by the heat that simmers between them, Christopher can’t complete his mission. On the contrary, he’ll do anything to save Millie’s life—even if it means risking his own…

A dangerous passion…

When she learns what Christopher was hired to do, Millie is torn between the fear in her heart and the fire in her soul. Putting herself in this dangerous man’s arms may be her only path to safety—but giving in to her desire may be the deadliest mistake she’s ever made. With both of their lives in jeopardy, Millie and Christopher must learn to trust the real feelings they’re hiding—to find the true love they’re looking for…

The Hunter (Victorian Rebels #2) by Kerrigan Byrne

Firstly: my favourite setting! Victorian London, a few rungs below the lofty dukes and duchesses. Love it! The book begins with a rather lengthy prologue in Newgate Prison, our hero a young boy, and I thought it was brilliantly written. It set up some high hopes on my part.

However, I’m clearly in the minority with this book.

Years ago, I struggled with Anne Stuart’s romantic (allegedly) suspense, where her heroes were assassins, had no feelings, and didn’t care about killing the heroines. This book is very similar to those, so while I absolutely loved the atmosphere of Victorian London, I couldn’t get on board with this as a romance.

What, exactly, appeals to readers about a man who goes around murdering anyone and everyone, as long as the price is good? He couldn’t care less about the heroine, and doesn’t even bother to find out why he has been contracted to kill her before he pockets the money and goes off to do the deed.

Good thing she’s pretty, because if she wasn’t nothing would have stopped him!

Honestly, as historical fiction, this is fine. But I could not care less about him getting a happy ending.

On the other hand, reading this as a lover of Victorian England, I thought it was pretty interesting. We got to visit so many places in London, and this aspect of the research seemed very well done.

There are a lot of Americanisms in the text, however. One of the most glaring ones is referring to people from India as “East Indians”. They’re not; they’re just Indian. “East Indian” is a term used in North America to differentiate between the native people there and the people of India. It’s an American term, not a universal term.

Authors and editors need to stop changing the spelling of proper nouns. You can’t change a proper noun – a name – into different spelling, and an “ass” is a donkey, and certainly not part of the human anatomy!

Viewed as something other than a romance, this is an interesting book. But with such a despicable hero, I cannot read it as a romance.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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