His Forbidden Debutante (Regency Charms #4) by Anabelle Bryant

Deep space

The dance she never dared to dream…
One year after a carriage accident killed her parents and left her seriously injured, Lavinia Montgomery has finally learnt to walk again – just in time to make her societal debut. Yet while the beautiful debutante’s body may have healed, she hides a broken heart.
Before her injury, Lavinia had exchanged letters with a man she knew to be the love of her life – despite never having set eyes on him. But when she feared she’d be crippled for life, she made the heart-rending decision to let him go…
Randolph James Caulfield, Earl of Penwick, is betrothed, but cannot forget the words he once received from a woman whose name he knew, but who he never had the chance to meet. So when, at a ball, his dance partner is introduced, he can’t believe his luck. One thing is certain: if this really is his debutante, he won’t lose her a second time.

His Forbidden Debutante (Regency Charms #4) by Anabelle Bryant

There’re aspects of this book I thought were great, and (as a contact lens and occasional glasses-wearer who is BLIND and would not be able to cope a couple of centuries ago) I loved that this heroine wore glasses, and that no big deal was made of it.

I also loved that our hero is in love, and is pining a bit, and is wary of marriage not because he doesn’t want it, but because he wants it to be with a woman he can’t have.

Anabelle Bryant doesn’t write objectionable books. She has a nice atmosphere, and some nice ideas. However, it took me a little while to warm up to this one. Hero and heroine barely have anything to do with each other for so long my interest was waning a bit by the time they finally had some scenes together, and I thought the heroine was downright rude a few times. Sure, it probably fits with her aristocratic background, but seeing as the Romancelandia version of Regency England doesn’t have much to do with reality, I thought she could have been a bit friendlier!

However, what attracted me to this book, and what kept me turning the pages was that the whole concept of the story was full of angst. From loss to illness to a disappearing love.

If you like the sound of the plot, maybe give it a go.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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