The Reluctant Bridegroom by Shannon Farrington

The Reluctant Bridegroom by Shannon Farrington

Conveniently Wed

Marriage for any reason but love was once unthinkable to Maryland councilman Henry Nash. But when an innocent encounter with a criminal puts Henry’s reputation in jeopardy, he’ll make any sacrifice to maintain custody of his orphaned nieces. And an alliance with a powerful politician’s daughter could secure the little girls’ futures. As long as gentle Rebekah Van der Geld never hears the rumors surrounding her new groom.

Refusing her father’s choice of husband wasn’t an option for dutiful Rebekah. But Henry’s kindness is a happy revelation, and she’s quickly falling for his adorable nieces. so she allows herself to hope this unconventional arrangement could become much more. But can it survive a shattering revelation that puts their new family in danger?

The Reluctant Bridegroom by Shannon Farrington

Not sure what is going on with this cover. The book is set in the middle of the political world of Baltimore, not on a ranch!!

This is the most original book I’ve read in the Love Inspired Historical line. One of the few to not be set in a colonial town out in the US west, I was really, happily surprised.

Set in Baltimore, with the conflict revolving around the aftermath of the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, I really liked this take on divided loyalties and the upheaval of the war. We have a heroine forced into marriage and a hero who comes from a family with conflicting allegiances.

Author Shannon Farrington shows that there CAN be a lot more variety in these books.

As it goes on, there’re two things that didn’t work so well for me. One is to be expected: the religion. I thought the religious aspects were easy enough to skip over earlier on, but the way the characters’ faith is presented in the story becomes stronger and stronger as the book nears the end. For many readers, I’m sure this will work. However, it was a little too much Christianity for me.

The other thing that didn’t work so well was the heroine being shocked and upset to hear her marriage is a loveless business arrangement. It makes no sense that she would be upset about this halfway through, when she knew from the outset that’s what it was. She’d never even really spoken to the hero before they were married, and the match was arranged by their fathers. WHY was she suddenly shocked by this later on, when she knew it from the very start?

On the other and, I was really thrilled with this fresh take on an era. I’m no expert on the US Civil War, but I thought both sides of the conflict were presented as sensitively as they could be. I thought this was an excellent idea for a book, and I was thrilled that for once (despite the cover!) I got a US-set historical romance that didn’t take place in the Wild West.

I think this was an interesting – if flawed – read.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

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