Spoilers in Reviews – or not having them without a warning…

One With You by Sylvia Day

It’s common sense, right? It’s rude and inconsiderate to publish a book review on or around the release date with major spoilers without any warning, giving away major character deaths and essentially ruining the book for most readers.

You’d think so, but by God, have I seen some major spoilers splashed across people’s reviews recently, and the book that prompted this post was Sylvia Day’s final Crossfire book, One with You.

Now, this was far from Day’s best book, so I wasn’t completely devastated, but as a mildly obsessive fan of the series, to have the ending completely ruined before I was halfway through was… not good.

I didn’t set out to read spoilers; it’s just that so many people thought nothing of spoiling the book for everybody else that I read it by accident.

After that, I thought: hey, it’s already ruined, so I’ll read some more reviews. Turned out about a third of the reviews I read – only ONE DAY after the book was released – spoiled every single plot twist.

It’s a bit like that Simpsons episode where Homer emerges from a screening of The Empire Strikes Back and announces to the people in the queue for the next session who Luke’s father is. Now, Homer is *supposed* to be ignorant and more than a bit stupid, but I don’t know what all these readers are thinking when they do the same thing.

Goodreads has a very easy to use function where you can hide the spoilers in your review so people have to click on them to read them.

It’s perfectly easy to add something along the lines of: **SPOILER WARNING!!** before you drop a bombshell in the middle of your Amazon or blog review.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more reviewers were considerate enough to do those things? 🙂

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